About Us

Welcome! Bluegrass Fiber Arts is a custom fiber shop located in Northern Kentucky specializing in hand-made knitted and felted goods along with related accessories, such as zipper pulls and pins.  I also design sweater patterns for people to knit at home.

My name is JoJo McCracken.  I learned to knit by my third-grade teacher during an after-school program she sponsored and I’ve been clicking my needles ever since. It didn’t take me long to move from knitting simple scarves or pot holders to complicated sweaters. Designing my own sweaters was a natural progression in the craft.

When I lost my job through a corporate downsizing after 13 years on the job, I found myself knitting a lot as therapy to get through those dark days.  At some point I realized, I’m knitting all the time anyway, why not make this my business?  I love designing handbags and people kept wanting to buy them.  So I started my journey with Bluegrass Fiber Arts.

Please join me on my journey of starting up my fiber business!  Thanks for stopping by 🙂



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