Pleated Cable Summer Sweater – Part 2B

PleatsThis post is labeled 2B because, well, I made a HUGE mistake.  I got to the point where I had to make the box pleats and realized that I didn’t have enough stitches to make the pleats.  In other words, I screwed up.  In a BIG way!

I thought and thought for two days trying to figure out if I could save this project without ripping it all out and starting over.  After two miserable days, I finally made peace with myself that I was going to have to start over.  Riiiiiiiiiipppppp!  Bye-bye sweater.  I hardly knew ya.

What happened was that I must have been looking at the wrong notes when I developed the pattern.  I try, the best I can, to make sure that everything works out perfectly.  HA!  The best laid plans, you know?  I had so many notes on this that I based the pattern on the wrong note.  <sigh>

So, I ripped it all out and started all over again.  It was a character-building experience.  Bottom line is that I’m now back to where I left off.

I just finished the box pleat row.  The picture above shows the left side of one box pleat.  Trying to knit through three needles of stitches was challenging, but kind of fun.  Now I’m off to work the ribbing section of the sweater!

Happy knitting!




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