Fingerless Gloves

Cabled Fingerless Gloves

I never really understood the point of fingerless gloves… until now!  It’s been so cold INSIDE my house due to the deep freeze we’ve had this winter, that I rummaged through my yarn stash to find some yarn to make my first pair.

I found a free pattern I liked online and found some yarn that would fit the pattern.  Then I whipped up a left glove.  However, the resulting mitt was waaaaaay too big.   Unfortunately, I posted a picture of my monster-sized glove on my Facebook page.  The next thing I know, people wanted to order these gloves!

So, I scrambled to rewrite practically the entire pattern.  Made my first pair of gloves that actually fit pretty well.  Then started making gloves for clients.  On the good side, they only take a day or two to make.  On the bad side, I’m not charging very much to my friends who wanted me to make a pair for them.  I look at the whole venture as goodwill to those who support me the most.

I’d like to make the pattern available for free, however, I need to write the pattern.  I wrote most of it in short-hand only I can read.  I think I need to look at other patterns and how they describe making the fingers.  The first time you do it, the directions are pretty confusing.

Anyway, I’m finished making gloves for everyone else, now I need to make a pair for me!

I hope everyone has a great weekend.  Happy knitting!

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