My Handbag Was In a Fashion Blog!

Felted clutch handbag

My raspberry and black clutch was featured in a fashion blog!  I’m so excited I can barely speak!

So, if you look below this post, you’ll see where I reblogged her post.  It’s entirely in French, but when I saw my clutch in one of the photos, I did a back flip.  My French language skills are pretty bad, but I can read pictures!!!

I just put my handbags on Etsy in November.  Along with every other type of social media, it’s been a big learning curve for me.  I’m the worst with Etsy.  I mean, I just figured out how to do a Treasury over the weekend.

So, imagine my surprise when I see that someone visited my Etsy site from her blog.  Of course, I went to check it out and there was my clutch!  Of course, I wanted to reblog her post on my site, but I don’t know if I did it properly.  I don’t know if she found my clutch from Etsy, Pinterest, or Polyvore.  I don’t even know how to properly thank her except to Like her post and comment “Merci” 🙂

The thing that surprised me the most with her post is that, if I read her bio correctly, she’s a teenager (one with good taste, of course!).  When I think of my target audience, I always thought the people who would be interested in my clutches would be ecologically-minded women from 25-40 years old.  The fact that she, along with a lot of other teenagers on Polyvore, likes my clutches is good news.  It makes me believe I need to rethink my target audience.

There may be endless books and articles on how to start your own business, but I feel like I’m clueless most of the time.  You try and try and hope someone notices you and likes what you do.  It was extremely gratifying to see my work on someone else’s blog that I don’t even know (and didn’t even know that she posted it).  The fact that a teenager thinks my work is cool (or whatever the word is today) will make me have a smile on my face for a while!

2013 was a rough year for me.  It looks like 2014 is starting off on a good note.

Happy knitting!

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3 Responses to My Handbag Was In a Fashion Blog!

  1. Thank you so much for Reblog my article! This made ​​me very happy that you say. Sorry for my English, I use Google Translate haha!
    Know that I spotted your handbag on when I create an outfit for the Christmas holidays, I loved a lot! I thought it was absolutely necessary that I associate it with one of the outfits!
    I find it very beautiful and original at the same time! And he was great with the style of the outfit: chic, beautiful, simple and feminine!

    In short, I wish you a very good luck for your creations and a huge congratulations for what you do, I hope that 2014 will be a great year for you!

    Cordially and sincerely,

    • JoJo says:

      Houda – your English is great! You are so kind! Thank you so much for your beautiful words and encouragement. I hope 2014 is a great year for you, too 🙂

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