Undulating Lace Scarf in Mink Yarn

Undulated Lace Scarf

I finished making this lace scarf and couldn’t be more excited about it.  I love unusual fibers and this is made from 100% mink!

I’m a big animal advocate, so before I bought this yarn, I did a little investigating to make sure that the minks weren’t harmed in order to make this fiber.  Thankfully, they’re not.

The yarn is Mimi by Lotus Yarns.  What I didn’t realize was that this is a Trendsetter Yarns product.  I saw a post by Barry Klein, who owns this company, that stated the animals are shorn for the fiber and are not harmed.  This made me very happy as this yarn is so incredibly soft, light-weight, and warm!

There’s also 300 meters (328 yards) of this yarn, so I only had to buy one skein of it to make a scarf that’s 6″ wide by 56″ long.

If any of you are interested in this pattern, I listed this in my Ravelry store.  HOWEVER, if you “Like” my facebook page at www.facebook.com/bluegrassfiberarts and send me a private message with your email address, I’ll be happy to send it to you for FREE!

Happy knitting!

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