The Challenge of Knitting with Pets


I’ve been knitting like a maniac trying to finish up all of my Christmas presents this year.  Given my three cats’ reactions to the fiber frenzy, I think they believe that I’ve made everything just for them!

I’ve never really had any issues with my cats in the past.  However, in the past month, their good manners have completely broken down.  My youngest cat finds it fascinating that yarn comes out of this plastic tube when I knit.  So, he’s decided it’s a great opportunity to play with the yarn as it comes out of the plastic yarn container.  That wouldn’t be so bad except that if I’m not constantly paying attention, he’ll chew on the yarn until it breaks.  <sigh>

My middle cat loves to steal my balls of yarn.  He’ll dive face first into a bag of yarn, find a favorite ball, take it out of the bag and play soccer with it all over the house.  I’ll find yarn everywhere.  It’s really frustrating when I need that ball of yarn and can’t find it because it’s underneath something or hidden along with his other toy stash.  <double sigh>

My oldest cat loves it when I block my finished knits.  I’ll carefully wash and lay things out to block them.  Within 30 seconds, he’s lying on top of it.  Doesn’t matter what I make, or the fact that the knit is wet, he’s right there to lie on it.  <triple sigh>

So you can imagine my frustration when I finished this beautiful shawl for my Mom.  The shawl is rather large and the only place I could block it is on the floor.   I put down a bunch of plastic grocery bags on the floor and stretched out the shawl on top.  I hadn’t even gotten the shawl completely stretched out before my oldest was sitting on it.  I ran him off, did a little scolding, and went back to placing it out on the plastic.  Then cats 2 and 3 decided that the bags were fun to play with.  (You can see Cat 3 at the top left of the photo!)

I ended up doing this crazy dance of shooing off my cats while trying to lay out the shawl.  Of course, the minute I finished and left the room, one of my critters decided that you can slide on the plastic bags if you get a running start.  I found my shawl all wadded up in a ball the next time I entered the room.  <quadruple sigh>

While I’m really glad that my knitting has provided my cats ample opportunity to play since they’re cooped inside for the winter, they’re driving me insane!  I’m not sure what’s gotten into them lately, but I really hope they get bored with playing with my presents so everything will dry and come out clean!

Merry Christmas, everyone!  And happy knitting 🙂

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