My First Shawl

Knitted Shawl

I’ve been knitting for over 40 years now and I’ve never made a shawl.  However, when I saw this beautiful pattern, I decided that I should make my first one now!

I’m not exactly sure why I’ve never knit a shawl before.  Most of the shawls I’ve seen are in lace-weight yarn and the thought of making something on tiny needles makes my hands hurt just thinking about it.  However, I saw this pattern by Nadita on Pinterest and couldn’t get it out of my head.  After about a month, I went over to Ravelry and bought the pattern.

I originally saw this pattern using Cascade 220 for the background color and Cascade Casablanca for the feathers.  While I love everything about 220 and I love the colorways of Casablanca, I’m really not a big fan of the texture of Casablanca.  Plus, I’ve read reviews that Casablanca can break while you’re knitting it if you tug on it too hard.  I’ve never worked with that yarn before, so I may be wrong about it, but it’s not a cheap yarn to experiment with.  So, I started looking for other yarn options for my first shawl.

On Thanksgiving Day, I went to Michael’s Store sale and found some yarn that, I have to say, I didn’t expect would look this lovely.  The yarns I found were Caron’s Simply Soft in Dark Country Blue and Red Heart’s Unforgettable in Candied.  Both yarns knit up on U.S. Size 8 needles and really look fantastic together.  The Red Heart yarn is wonderfully soft.  Maybe I’m a yarn snob, but I couldn’t be more surprised at the hand and beauty of these two yarns.

This pattern has a ton of short rows in it, so each feather section takes me about three hours to knit.  I have 6 feather sections finished.  The pattern says that you can make as many feathers as you want, but the picture in the pattern uses 21 feathers.  I think that means that I have a LONG way to go to finish this!

I hope you’re having a great day!  Happy knitting!

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