My First Business Video

While people love my handbags, there’s this moment of pause when they see the price tags.  So, I decided to make a video to explain how I make my clutches.

Handmade does not equal bargain-basement cheap.  What all crafters do is an art and we should be paid adequately for our time.  I’m not talking about making thousands of dollars an hour, but I can’t live on $0.30 an hour, either.

Furthermore, I cannot make a handbag for $20.  I have that much invested in materials alone!  So, what’s a crafter to do?  My thought was to make a video showing just how I make my handbags.

I first got the idea from reading a blog post from Don Charisma .  He wrote a wonderful blog post on how to create a YouTube promo using PowerPoint, so I won’t repeat it here.  (Go check out the post, though, and I linked it above!)  The post got me thinking, though.  If people could visually see just how much time and effort goes into the creation of one handbag, maybe customers would understand the price tag.

While I was getting ready for the Vendor Fair I attended a few weeks back, I decided to take pictures all along the process in anticipation of making this video.  I cleaned them up and have been trickling them out in social media ever since.  Last night, though, I decided to put them all together to create my video.

I’ve had to make PowerPoint presentations at work for years, so it was great that I could use a piece of software in which I was already familiar.  So, adding in pictures to slides didn’t take me long.  Then came the big decision… do I add a voice-over to the slides?

I do not like the sound of my own voice.  I may be too critical of myself, but I didn’t want to turn anyone off simply because of my voice.  Plus, with just the pictures alone, there was a lot of blank space on each slide.  I solved both problems by just adding text boxes with the same information I would have spoken.

So, now I had my video ready to go, but there was no sound at all.  That’s pretty boring, in my humble opinion.  In his blog post, Don Charisma recommended a site for free music clips.  While I loved some of the clips, they were too short for my presentation.

There are many free music websites out there, however, quite a lot of them didn’t want you to use the music if you were a business.  In fact, one website I visited would let you have the music for free if you were using it for personal use, but wanted to charge you $250 if you were using it for business.  Yikes!

I finally chose a website called Free Stock Music.  You have to register on their website, but downloading the music couldn’t have been easier.  It was definitely more challenging to figure out what type of music I wanted to play.

Choosing the music turned out to be one of the most time-consuming aspects of this project.  Free Stock Music has a lot of songs to choose from.  Did I want something that sounded like rock music?  Country?  Techno?  Pop?  What did I want the music to convey about my business?

I love all kinds of music.  On the site, I found some music I really liked, but it had something of a country-bluegrass feel to it because it had twin guitars playing.  As much as I liked it, I couldn’t make myself put it in the video.

Over the years, there’s a few things I’ve noticed when I tell someone outside of the area I reside that I’m from Kentucky.  The big one is that they instantly think I’m an uneducated, redneck hick.  (One time, I actually had someone look at my feet to see if I was wearing shoes!)  It’s the typical stereotype of being from the South.  While I’m quite proud of my Southern heritage, I didn’t want to perpetuate the myth in my video.

I ended up choosing an easy-listening, jazzy kind of music.  I also loved the wind-chime sound that starts off the song.  I think my handbags are snazzy, so maybe jazzy will set the right kind of mood!

So, the finished video is above.  I’d love to know what you think!  Does the music and the video together combine to set the right tone and message for my business?  Most of all, does it help explain just how much time goes into each handbag?

If any of you would like to create your own promo video and need some help, just let me know!

Happy knitting!

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3 Responses to My First Business Video

  1. doncharisma says:

    Awesome, lovely result, great video … warm regards Don Charisma

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