New Bucket Purse – Part 2

Felted handbag

My latest bucket purse is now felted and dry.  While I still like it, it came out a little differently than I expected.

To start, the colors faded quite a bit during the felting process.  The olive color didn’t fade as much as the peach and the blue sections of the yarn, but they all faded to some extent.

Also, the knitted fabric shrank a LOT more than I expected.  This was a new yarn for me, so you never know what will happen until you use it, but I definitely didn’t think the purse would shrink to half the knitted size.  Live and learn!

I did try to do something new with this purse.  As you can see at the top of the handbag, I knit two little extra sections.  The inner section I’ll use for the zipper.  The outer section will act as something like a zipper cover so the zipper won’t be exposed.   I’ve seen this on other purses, so I thought I’d try it with this one.  Can’t wait to see how it turns out.

Have a great day and happy knitting!

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