New Bucket Purse

Felted Bucket Purse

I’ve been so focused on Vendor Fairs and Trunk Shows lately that it hit me like a 2×4 that I haven’t been knitting.  I had a bunch of yarn that I bought a while ago, so I took it out and started knitting.

The bucket purse that I made previously gets a lot of compliments.  Unfortunately, I didn’t write the pattern down!  I went up to get the oil changed, and they ended up finding a bunch of things that needed work on my car.  Thankfully, I had my knitting with me.  Like a knucklehead, though, I just kept knitting, winging the pattern as I went along.  Didn’t write down a thing.  I thought I’d just write it down when I got home, but I was at the repair shop for so long that I completely forgot what I did.  So, this time, I’m writing down the pattern as I go.

Every time I make something, it’s somewhat of an experiment.  Don’t know how this will turn out in the end either, but at least I’ll know what I did this time!

I still have tons of pictures of my clutches left to edit for my pending website.  My fingers end up hurting from all the computer work, so I had to get in a little knitting to save my sanity.  And my fingers!

I hope you are having a great day!  Happy knitting!

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