Endless Clutch Photos

Felted Handbag

Since I now have a nice inventory of clutches, I wanted to take a bunch of photos of them.  I’m trying to start a website, so I knew I’d need at least three shots of every clutch.

So, the three shots are of the clutch with the full chain extended, the clutch without the chain, and a picture of the inside lining of the clutch.  Since every lining is different, I couldn’t just take one photo and say they’re all the same.

I really need to come up with some sort of light box to take pictures, but since the weather is still relatively nice, I’ve been taking them all outside.  Given that I’ve finally figured out how to edit the photos to erase the backgrounds, even if I don’t take a great photo, they still look great after I do all the erasing.

So, I spent two hours taking all my photos last Friday and have been editing them ever since.  It seems to take forever to edit every photo.  I think my fingers are starting to go numb.  And I still have a long way to go!

I wish there was a better or faster way to do this, but this is all I know how to do.  When someone orders something they can’t pick up and look at for themselves, the only thing they have to go on is pictures.  So, I need to make my photos as good as I can.

What do you think of the photos?  Do you think these are good enough to entice someone to buy one?

I hope you’re have a great day!  Happy knitting!

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