Time To Put On The White Hat

Felted winter hat

When I think of white hats, I can’t help but think of Scandal.  So, when a friend of mine wanted me to make her a white felted hat, I started calling her Olivia Pope!

I didn’t want to get into the hat-making business, but given that my Vendor Fair was a bust, when I got an order for a felted hat, I said yes.

I made this hat with different yarn a few months ago.  The hat ended up being too short.  Every time the wind blew, I had to hold onto my hat or it would fly off.  I ended up using a little thicker yarn this time (Paton’s Classic Wool).  I also modified the pattern to make the hat a little taller and the crown a little shorter.  The end result is that I think I found the right mix.  Here’s a picture of the hat before I felted it.

Hat Before Felting

There’s a company called Hat Shapers (www.hatshapers.com) that makes hat forms for felters.  I’ve thought about buying one of their hat shapers, but ended up using a small mixing bowl that’s just the right size.  Only thing is that it makes the hat round and not oval.  If I keep making hats, I may just have to buy one of the hat shapers.  Have any of you used one of their hat forms before?

I posted a picture of the hat outside drying on Facebook and my friend loved it.  I can’t wait to see if it fits when I bring it to her later this week.

I hope you’re having a great day!  Happy knitting!

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