Circle of Clutches

Felted clutch purses

The good thing about preparing for any type of event was that I had a nice inventory of my clutches.  I only made one in each color, so I thought it might be nice to take a picture for my upcoming website.

I took the photo out in my backyard in full sunlight.  I put down a big table cloth and put them all out in a circle – my Circle of Clutches.  I didn’t have much time to take the photos, but at least I had something that I could work with.  The original photo is below.

Felted handbags

The table cloth didn’t look too great in the photo.  A long time ago, my dad gave me MGI Photosuite 4.  A couple of days ago, I FINALLY figure out how to use it!

Under the Touch-Up Brushes, there’s an option to “Lighten” something.  I didn’t realize until this week that Lighten basically means erase to white.  So, I digitally erased the table cloth out of the picture and what I have left is something I can use (and that I like).

Since the picture was taken outside, any purse that was green didn’t come out the correct color.  Not sure why my camera picked on the green ones, but it did.  In Photosuite, I figured out that if I “colorized” something, it just changed the color of a clutch, but left the dark and light areas, plus the texture, as they were.  So, I colorized the bright green clutch (which still isn’t the correct color, but it’s better than it was before) and the teal clutch (which came out perfectly).

Technology never fails to impress me.  The difficult part is figuring out how to use it.  The before and after pictures pretty much speak for themselves.  It took me weeks to figure all the fun stuff I could do, but I’m glad that I FINALLY figured it all out!

Have a great day and happy knitting!

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