Vendor Fair Hell


I’m baaaack!  Trying to get ready for the Vendor Fair I attended last Saturday about killed me.  I worked from 8 am until 1 am or later for three weeks straight to get ready.  I ignored my blog (and all social media, really).  I ignored my friends and family.  I ignored my house.  The end result?  Not a single sale.  Sigh.

I’m starting to learn that not all Vendor Fairs are created equal.  This Fair was at a large local horse race track.  While the track is not in season at the moment, they do have simulcasting, so there were quite a few people milling about.  Most were men, though, and this was a Ladies Night Out event.  They sold out all 50 tables to vendors.  The space was great – they had it in a big, open, windowed room with a DJ playing music at one end and an open bar and food at the other.   What could possibly go wrong?

No people, that’s what!

The ladies that put this together either had no money for advertising or didn’t wisely spend what they had to work with.  I found out after the fact that this was the first year for this event.  Their idea of advertising was for the vendors to advertise for them on their social media outlets.  I heard that they did an interview on TV, but no one saw it.  No one knew anything about the event!

There were a few people who stopped by my booth, but most of my visitors were other vendors checking out the competition.  Unfortunately, it was the same for everyone else, too.  A lot of people, including myself, were packed up and gone well before the event ended.

So, live and learn.  It costs money for a booth.  I will spend my precious dollars more wisely in the future.  The only good thing that came of this event was that it forced me to focus on finding suppliers, got myself some business cards, and now have a nice inventory of goods.

I ran into a lady I hadn’t seen in 23 years at a party last week and I’m going to partner with her on a custom men’s clothing Trunk Show.   Since we both cater to the opposite sex, I think this will be a great opportunity.  I’m very grateful for this opportunity, and luckily, I now have some clutches to show at her event.

I hope you’re having a great day!  Happy knitting!

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