Covering A Box With Contact Paper

Felted Denim Mini-Clutch

I mentioned a while ago that I bought some contact paper to cover boxes to use for my set-up at the Vendor Fair.  Here is my first attempt!

There is definitely a learning curve when working with contact paper.  I used the rolling cutter that I use when I sew to cut the paper.  Then I took a box that I had saved and taped down the top.  I covered the top and bottom first, then used one continuous piece to go around the sides.

First thing I noticed was that I could see through the contact paper to read the print that was on the box itself.  (Note to self – spray paint the box white first!)  Since I didn’t have any spray paint, I just papered everything twice.  Not sure if it’s better to paint the box first or paper over things twice.  Since I’m working with cardboard boxes, which can be kind of bumpy, the second layer of paper somewhat evened out the bumpiness.

This Con-Tact paper was nice because I could unstick it and reposition the paper if I noticed some air bubbles or if I didn’t put it on straight.  After a lot of playing around, I got it how I liked it.

Then I took it outside in the sunlight and noticed a bunch of air bubbles trapped underneath the paper.  Ugh.  I tried to smooth out the air bubbles, but some were so far inside that I couldn’t get rid of them.  So, I just took a pin, put a little hole in the paper and smoothed out the bubble.  That worked better than I expected and got rid of all the air pockets.

So, here is the finished box!  The paper wasn’t as pretty as I expected, but I don’t think it looks too badly.  I definitely wanted to paper something first before I set out to work on my big main display steps just to see how it looked.  I think it turned out pretty well.  What do you think?

Have a great day and happy knitting!

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