In The Mail Today – New Brooches


Given that I order most of my supplies online, it’s like Christmas time when the mail arrives.  So, look at what I received today… new brooches!

I’m trying to standardize my purses a little, not only to make them faster as I move up the learning curve, but it takes a tremendous amount of time to look for purse handles/chains, clasps, brooches and the like.  I’d like to find just a few that I really like (and that are high quality) so I don’t have to worry about it with every purse.  Plus, most things are cheaper if you order them in bulk.

I scoured the internet earlier this week, found some brooches that I liked and ordered only one of each.  I may be cautious, but I want to make sure that I like them before I order them in bulk.  They arrived today and I couldn’t be happier.  While they cost me a lot more than I had anticipated, they are high quality and truly beautiful.  I opened the box and did a little Happy Dance!

The child in me couldn’t wait to put them on a couple of purses to see how they looked.  I have to say, they really add a nice touch to my handbags.  (Honestly, I did another Happy Dance!)  I don’t want to show pictures of the purses yet until I get them all finished, but I thought I’d share the brooches themselves above.

I hope you have a great Labor Day weekend!  Happy knitting!

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