How I Broke My Nose Knitting

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I know this sounds ridiculous, right? Who breaks their nose as a result of knitting? Well, I did!

Yesterday, I started working on my fall line of purses. I know exactly what I want in terms of colors, but I’m not exactly set yet on the sizes. So, I knit up two different variations of a little purse.

I like to knit my purses in my third bedroom, which I’ve turned into something of a work room. It’s the only room in my house that I don’t allow my three cats to enter. I feel like I needed one cat-free room, and that is it. So, I’m in there knitting and have the urge to pee. I was almost finished working on my last purse, so I hurried up to finish it, so I could take everything with me when I left.

Well, it took a little longer than I thought to finish up the last purse. I was “jiggling,” as my former boss would say. I finally finished, grabbed my knitting, and ran out the door. However, there’s a little rug right outside the door. I tripped on the rug and ran nose-first into the wall. I heard an awful crunch. Then I peed myself a little. I grabbed my nose and ran straight into the bathroom!

While I was sitting on the toilet, I started to become pretty nervous about looking in the mirror afterwards. I saw stars for a minute, so I stayed on the throne until I didn’t feel queesy anymore. Once I felt okay, I looked in the mirror and my nose didn’t look crooked or anything. There was no blood.  I felt the bones and they didn’t feel broken. But I remember that CRUNCH sound very distinctly.

After feeling my sore nose for a few minutes, I decided that I must have just broken off a little piece or hairline fractured it. Nothing to go to the doctor over. I just laid down in my bed for a few minutes trying to compose myself.

Lying in bed, I just started laughing. I mean, how silly is it to break my nose that way? It’s so absurd! It’s so me!!!  I had dinner with my parents a little later and told my story. All of us couldn’t stop laughing.

Fortunately, I woke up this morning and didn’t have two black eyes. My nose is still pretty sore, but it looks straight and true. The picture above is of the two purses that I knit before the fiasco. Hopefully, they’re worth a broken nose!

Happy knitting!

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