The Multicolor Felted Bucket Purse

Felted bucket handbag
I recently finished this new, fun handbag! It’s so big and roomy that I just call it the Bucket Purse.

I’ve been working on this handbag for a while. I tried to recreate a purse that I already have (and is falling apart). I found this yarn at Michael’s Store, loved the self-striping colors, and bought all that they had. I felt like I needed more of the yarn, but I later found out that they don’t make the yarn anymore. So, I tried to create a pattern where I could use what I had. Unfortunately, it turned out not as tall as I would have liked.

Lining of Bucket PurseI knit this in the round, so basically, it’s a big, round bowl. As I mentioned earlier, I’m not the most experienced seamstress, so trying to make a lining to fit this drove me nuts! I made a rectangular lining, then started chopping away at the base to make it more round. It took me about five tries to cut it down into something that I liked and fit the purse.

The material is this funky, tie-dye, purple fabric with white flowers on it. I figured the purse itself is unusual and bold, so I might as well use a fabric that is unusual and bold as well. As I usually do with my handbags, I added two pockets on one side for my cell phone and iPod Touch and a zippered pocket for lipstick, etc… on the other side.

Then came the challenging part.  I decided to put grommets in the sides so I could put big gold rings in it that attaches to the handles.  My dad thought he had a punch to put in the holes for the grommets, but when I showed up to his woodworking shop, it turned out that he didn’t have one big enough.  So, we improvised and used a curved lathe tool that he had.  The felted fabric is so thick that he really had to pound on the grommets to get them to set.  After about two hours, we finally got all the grommets in properly and put in the rings and handles.

Zipper Pull for Bucket PurseThen I sewed the purple top-closing zipper on it and added a fun zipper pull. I never meant for the handbag to sag in the middle, but in the spirit of turning lemons into lemonade, I’m starting to like it. I’ve been wearing it the past few days and have been surprised by the number of people that have stopped me to say they really like it. The guy at the liquor store said he liked my “Disco Bag.” Gotta like it when a guy comments on my purse!

So, now that I’ve finished all my prior projects, it’s time for me to buckle down and work on my Fall line for the Vendor Fair in September. I met with a friend of mine for happy hour yesterday and he gave me a lot of great ideas of what I should work on. Ironically, it was right in line with what I had already planned, so it felt like validation that I was heading in the right direction.

I hope you all are having a great weekend! Happy knitting!

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