I Just Signed Up For My First Vendor Show

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I’ve been wanting to do a craft show for a while, but I’ve been a little nervous. I’ve never done a craft or vendor show before, but the one thing I do know is that how you decorate your booth can make a big difference in attracting people to see your wares. I’m not sure how to do this. However, I need to debut my goods and I don’t want to wait until I figure out how to design a website.

To start at the beginning, about a week ago I joined a Craft and Vendor Facebook group in my area. Someone posted that they were looking for vendors for a Ladies Night of shopping at a local racetrack. It’s a fundraiser that showcases local vendors. There’s also a silent auction where we need to donate something for the cause.

The booth fee was relatively cheap and I don’t have an issue donating something for a worthy cause, so that got my brain thinking. Should I do this? All kinds of people had responded that they were interested, but most of them were jewelry resellers and it seems like they already a lot of those types of vendors. They were looking for something different. I sent them an email and heard back that they would be interested in my purses. Yeah! So, I signed up. I think I’ve been stressed out every since.

I spent hours last night searching online for booths at craft fairs to see how they’re set up. A lot of them were really fancy. This might be the wrong attitude, but all I could think of was… this is going to cost me a fortune to do something like this. A fortune I don’t have. Hence, the stress.

So, I’ve spent all day trying to figure out if there’s a cheap way to decorate a booth using things I already have in my house. I’ve come up with a few ideas, but they’re not enough. I need something to hang my bigger purses on, like tall shutters or something. I’m not very crafty in the woodworking department, so making something myself probably isn’t an option.

Have any of you done a craft show? What kinds of things have you used to display your goods? Does anyone have any words of wisdom for me before I do this show? The show is in a month, so I have some time to work on this. Any advice would be much appreciated!

Happy knitting!

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