A Kindle Cover and Purse All In One

Black Kindle Purse - Crystal Broach
I had a busy past few days felting and sewing. I just finished a couple of Kindle covers that double as little black purses.

I loved the idea of making something that has a couple of different uses. As is, it is a cute little black purse. However, if you take off the removable chain, you can use it as a Kindle cover or simply a clutch.

Kindle Purse - InsideI debated for a while whether or not I should put a lining in the purses as they are soft and durable as they are. What convinced me otherwise was that I always look for pockets in handbags, even if they are relatively small. So, I made a lining that has a little pocket in it that’s big enough to carry a few credit cards or cash.

I guess the final decision came down to the fact that the e-Reader covers I’ve made in the past were only suited for a Kindle or other e-Reader. Personally, I didn’t think they looked right as a purse. But people kept telling me they could be used as a purse. By turning it sideways, I think it’s good for both.

Maybe I’m over-thinking things. e-Readers come in so many shape and sizes that I debated not making them anymore. I think this way, people can decide for themselves how they want to use it.

I hope you are having a great day! Happy knitting!

Convertile handbag or eReader cover

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