Moving Cube Handbag

Black and White Cube Purse
I finally finished my felted black and white Moving Cube Purse! I tried something new by adding microfiber handles to this purse. I’ve been experimenting with handles, and I like this quite a bit.

Today was so nice outside. Rather cool for August, but nice and sunny. So, I sat outside all afternoon hand-sewing on the top-closing zipper and the handles. For me, it’s so difficult to sew a black zipper onto black felt using black thread when I’m inside the house using artificial light. The sunlight was perfect for this task.

I finished hand-sewing in the lining on Tuesday. I like to hand-sew the lining in so there are no stitch lines on the outside fabric. I think I might try machine-sewing them in next time, as it does take a couple of hours to sew it in by hand.

I took the handbag to my volleyball game tonight and took a poll of what people thought about it. It was funny that some people wanted me to use different handles and move whatever I use lower on the bag. One person suggested a belt that ran all the way around the bag. Then I talked to people who liked it just the way it is. Some people liked the white lining that has silver stars on it, and some people wanted a black lining. I guess the nice thing about creating something is that there’s always someone out there who will like what you make!

I hope you have a great day! Happy knitting!

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