Black and White Patterned Handbag

knitted then felted handbag/purse
Since I’ve been experimenting with patterns on my purses, I thought I’d start with my stand-by colors black and white when I designed this latest purse.

This was one of my test patterns that didn’t turn to mush when I felted it. I have a tendency to knit a new purse with a pattern on it in black and white as the black dye doesn’t seem to run into the white much. Plus, pretty much everyone likes a black and white handbag. I have an idea for this purse that is very colorful, but I like to test new patterns I create in black and white.

Some people like to knit purses in the round, but I like to knit the bottom first, then add stitches to the sides of the bottom and knit them individually. When I sew up the four sides, it makes distinct, crisp edges, which I like.  This process definitely takes more time, but I think the resulting look is worth it.

felted purse patternI fell in love with this pattern. It’s difficult to see the detail from a full photo, but I think the pattern detail is geometrically interesting.  Here is a picture of the pattern detail.  I think it looks like moving blocks.

The main picture at the top is of the purse drying, which is why all the white stuff is hanging out of it. I like to stuff the bag so it dries into the correct shape.

I’ve also been experimenting with different types of handles, so I have some pretty microfiber handles I’m going to try on this purse when I start putting it together. For once, I didn’t have to scramble to fix something on this purse. This came out exactly as I’d hoped. Maybe a little bigger than I expected, but it turned out well. I can’t wait to finish it up to see how it turns out!

Have a great day, everyone! Happy knitting!

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