Searching for the Perfect Felted Patterns

Test swatches knitted then felted

Felted Test Swatches

I think patterns on purses and handbags can make them look interesting. However, what a pattern looks like when knit can be very different from what they look like after they’ve been felted.

So, I knit up a bunch of test swatches. They all looked beautiful when they were knitted. Some, however, don’t look so wonderful after they’ve been felted.

Ironically, the jacquard pattern in here is what I used on The Christmas Purse. The pattern turned out okay when I used black and white yarns, but looked like a big mess when knit in red and white. The dye from the red yarn bled into the white making it look like mush.

I keep experimenting, trying to find great patterns. I’m learning what works when felted and what doesn’t. I’m also learning that wool dyes can affect the outcome as well. Strangely, I’m learning that all of these patterns were knit with the same number of stitches, yet some are skinnier and some are wider than others. All together, felting a wool yarn can be challenging, but the results can be so amazing that I keep on experimenting to find what works for me.

Have a great day! And happy knitting!

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