My First Photo Shoot


I’ve been wanting to do a photo shoot of my work for a while now, but the camera that I had didn’t take very good photos.  With that problem solved, I had my first photo shoot for some of my handbags/purses/clutches and eReader covers.

I’ve never been very good at photography.  It’s not that I can’t frame a beautiful picture, it’s that I don’t know anything about cameras.  The previous pictures I took just looked amateurish.  Then I started reading small business books and they suggested that I HAD to have a DSLR camera.  My dad is big into photography, so I asked if he had one.  Yes.  Could I borrow it?  Yes!  Yippee!!!

Of course, now I’m back to the fact that I can’t operate a camera.  Fortunately, the one he has is fully automatic when it comes to focusing.  Double yippee!  He gave me some quick photography lessons and sent me on my merry way.

So now I needed a model.  I sent an email to a woman that I used to work with and asked if she would mind modeling for me.  She’s beautiful, and also a photographer, so I thought she’d be perfect.  However, she never got back to me.  I waited and waited and finally gave up waiting.  So, I asked my sister if she would model for me.  She said… how about Sunday?  My response… I’ll be there!

In about an hour, we shot all kinds of pictures.  The little screen on the back of the camera really didn’t tell me if I took good pictures or not.  I just took a lot of photos and crossed my fingers.  I got home and looked at them and was completely stunned.  My sister looks beautiful!  And the pictures look fantastic!

I wish I could take all the credit for the way the photos turned out, but the camera did all the work.  I just set the stage.  Honestly, I’m kind of glad that my beautiful friend blew me off.  My sister is very photogenic and had a lot of great ideas for shots.  (Actually, this shot was her idea.)  I can’t wait to take more photos of my work with this lovely, new camera and my gorgeous sister as my model!

Happy knitting!

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