On My Bucket List Is A Bucket Purse


For Christmas a couple of years ago, my Mom gave me this gigantic black bucket purse.  She was always telling me that my handbag was too small, so she bought me what is essentially a piece of luggage to carry around.  At first, I wore it because my mother gave it to me.  (You all know what I mean!)  I mean, this thing is HUGE.  Once I got used to finding things in the cavernous inside, I actually came to like it.  I can pretty much throw my entire life into this purse.  The trick is to be able to find something again once it’s been thrown into the black hole that is my purse!

A couple of months ago, I noticed that my bucket purse was starting to disintegrate.  So, I found some interesting, bright, multi-colored yarn and knit and felt myself my own bucket purse, using my Christmas purse as a guide.  Of course, I ran out of yarn, so it’s not as tall as I’d like, but it’s a valid first attempt.

For the past week or so, I’ve looked everywhere for hardware for my handbag.  I’m not sure if grommets will go through such thick fiber, but I’ll give it a shot.  I found the purse handles at Jo-Ann Fabrics.  What I really had a difficult time finding was the spring-gated nickel alloy rings for the handles.  I finally found those online last night and put in my order.  I can’t wait to get the rings and start to put together my little handbag experiment.

I hope things are going great with you today.  Happy knitting!

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