Social Media and Small Businesses – Who Has Time?

Social media

I’m trying to start up a small craft business.  I lost my job due to a downsizing and figured now’s the time to follow my dream!  I have lofty goals and a ton of ideas to try.  Then someone tells me that I MUST have social media to get my name out.

Okay.  I get it.  So, I spend hours and days setting up a Facebook page, a Twitter account, Pinterest, Ravelry, and now this blog.  I ask everyone I know to follow or like me.  Don’t get me wrong, I love interacting on all of these media.  But the question becomes… who has the time to do all of this?

After setting up all these different types of social media, what I’ve found is that I no longer have time to work on my knitting projects!  I’m always checking out my accounts, looking for e-mail, seeing if I need to respond to someone.  I’m exhausted.  I need to shut down all interactive media to actually focus on my work for long periods of time.  That’s just how I work.

So, I’m curious… what do you all do?  How do you manage getting a business started with social media while also trying to make the products that you’re hoping to sell?  Obviously, I have more to learn, so I hope to learn from you!

Oh… and by the way… don’t forget to Follow my blog, Like my Facebook page, Follow my Pinterest account, and buy from my Ravelry account 🙂

Happy knitting!

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2 Responses to Social Media and Small Businesses – Who Has Time?

  1. LondonPixie says:

    I agree it’s hard to keep up to date on all the social media sites. What I do is focus on my blog, and put links to it on my facebook and twitter accounts. I do have a Pinterest account, but I haven’t really started using it yet, I’m not sure exactly how it works.

    • JoJo says:

      I agree… I think I need to really focus on one or two types of social media so I’m not stretched too thin. I like Pinterest because it’s pretty low maintenance. You just post pictures. I link the pictures from Pinterest to my blog or my Ravelry designer store so if someone sees a picture they like, they can follow it to someplace to buy it or find out more info. Seems like people like to look at pictures more than reading text. Thank you for your advice!

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