Dragon Skin Alpaca Scarf

Dragon Skin Scarf

When I bought the alpaca for the Purple Tablet Cover, I couldn’t resist some other alpaca yarn that was on sale.  I found this hot pink yarn that I thought would make a great scarf.  I just set up a Ravelry Designer Store, and I want to have at least one pattern in my store that’s for free.  I thought this would do the trick.

So, I looked though a pattern book and found this pattern called “Dragon Scale.”  The name implies something ugly, but I thought the pattern was great.  Scarves with lace are pretty, but when I wear a scarf, I want something to keep me warm!  Alpaca is MUCH warmer and more light-weight than wool (and a lot softer), so I figured this would be both beautiful and functional.

Here’s the free pattern so you can knit one for yourself.  (It would make a great present, too!)

Happy knitting!

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