Purple Tablet Cover

Purple Felted Tablet Cover

I have a new client who saw my personal Kindle cover and asked that I make one for her tablet.  She’s a dream client – make it in whatever color I want (as long as it’s a bright color) and I can design it any way I want.  The only real request she had was that I not make it in wool, as she’s allergic.  Since lanolin is what people are allergic to, and not the wool itself, I thought I’d give alpaca a shot.

The next day, I brought her a skein of alpaca that I had in my stash as an experiment to see how she would react to it.  I held my breath, handed her the yarn and… nothing.  She had no itching or scratching or any type of allergic reaction.  Yeah!  As a matter of fact, the yarn was so soft that she just kept playing with it.  (You all know what I mean!)  I actually had to ask for the yarn back!

Alpaca knitted swatchSo, I scoured the internet and found some great alpaca in a beautiful, bright purple that was on sale.  I knit up a swatch and felted it.  Then used the algebra that everyone said I’d never use again after high school and did the math to find out how many stitches and rows I’d need for the finished-size tablet cover.  Then the fun part… I knit it!

At the top is a picture of the tablet cover after I knitted and felted it.  Drying outside in the beautiful weather.

Happy knitting!

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